We are a business development agency. We love helping companies to grow and fulfil their potential. We believe in good processes, consistent activity and an intelligent approach to sales and marketing. Come on in – we can’t wait to meet you.

About Us

We love business development. It really floats our boat. And what’s more, we’re really good at it.

Blueprint was born of a desire to provide a complete outsourced sales and marketing service to small and medium sized companies.

When putting together an effective business development strategy there’s a lot to consider - processes, targets, CRM systems, finding new clients, looking after your existing ones, and all this while being digitally present across a smorgasbord of social media.

We understand what works, we know how to make an impact in the right places and we’re committed to your results.

Why outsource my sales activity?

You could spend a few thousand pounds recruiting a salesperson, commit to another salary on your payroll and devise a complicated commission plan. Hopefully, they will be effective, well-trained and self-motivated. If you have the time, you’ll be able to set targets,manage their results and put together a progression structure and personal development plan for them.

Or you could just hire us and not worry about it.

The Blueprint team are experienced, self-managing, committed individuals. We’ll take care of the details and deliver what you need – results.

Our Services


Whether it’s finding you some new clients or managing the ones you’ve already got. We deliver results by taking a targeted, intelligent approach to data sourcing and maintaining regular, consistent activity. In short, we open doors and close deals.


We like diversity and there’s so much more to business development than just cold calls (although we’re great at that too.) We can make sure you’re not missing a trick with your social media, represent you at important industry networking events and make sure your sales literature and marketing materials are hitting the right spot.


If you’re not achieving the results you want, we can help you to work out why. We’ll audit your current processes, work with you on your business development strategy and help you to make the necessary changes.


If you want to keep things in-house, we can help you do that too. We’re experienced in successful sales recruitment, training and best practice. Whether you want to boost motivation, adopt better processes or learn how to handle sales objections, we’ll share our knowledge and tailor a training package just for you.

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